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Dear Nu-Era Heaters Customers,
     Please be advised that you have to test your boiler water prior to installing a Nu-Era Heater.  We WILL honor our warranty with any defects in material or workmanship. If Nu-Era gets a warranty claim we will need the defective core back along with a water sample of the system the core came from.
Please see the following letter copied from an email to our recommended water treatment company.
Hi Chris,
    Chris, what happens with high pH in a boiler system with aluminum components? Does it make the aluminum soft and then the water erodes it? Is there any document that describes what happens so that I can attach it to my instruction sheet? Or could you set up some form of document? We have Nu-Era Heaters in a few systems that have a pH of 8 that have been in use since 2006. A few days ago we cut one apart and it was still perfect. So that tells me that aluminum works with a good water sample. How hard is it to treat a boiler system for aluminum components? Thank you much. George,

Hi George,
    High pH prevents the natural passivation layer from forming on aluminum, and/or dissolves it if it did form prior to the material entering the water. After the protective oxide layer is compromised, aluminum compounds are formed with the alkaline water and the aluminum structure dissolves quickly.  There is a ton of literature online that explains the reaction and there are even some videos. The reaction is very quick with pH levels above 9. I would Google search “aluminum corrosion high pH” and you should be able to find good literature.
    I am not surprised that your heaters in pH 8 water are fine. The destruction of the passivation layer is accelerated greatly when the water pH is greater than 9.
    It is fairly easy to treat a boiler system for aluminum. We have that product that I recommended to you that does that. It is a two part treatment. One part treats for steel in that system and the second part treats your pH for that aluminum. All you have to do is send us a water sample and we tell you how much of each treatment you need. Let me know if you have any more questions.
Thank you,