Nu-Era Heaters LLC.
The ultimate new era heating-cooling solution for the confined livestock and industrial heating
All aluminum and plastic construction does not corrode in high ammonia areas
Fin design does not plug up, even in very dusty or feathery enviroments
Hinged shroud for ease of cleaning
General Info:
fittings: groove lock
grommets: 400 deg F.
shroud: plastic
motor: 115-220v 1ph
or 220-480v 3ph
1100 rpm
fans: low rpm, low noise
rating info: tested to standards
200 deg F. water
60 deg F. entering air

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What makes Nu-Era Heaters unique? There are a few reasons:
1. Its all aluminum and plastic construction allows it to be installed in high ammonia environments. (hog

2. The design of the fin or heating surface area makes it possible to use in heavy dust areas such as
turkey or chicken barns or industrial shops.

3. Hinged shroud for ease of cleaning.

4. Aluminum of all metals absorbs and conducts heat at the greatest rate. That relates to when heat
is applied to a Nu-Era Heater it instantly absorbs and throws that heat into the space that needs to
be heated. In return it makes the environment a lot more comfortable because you never feel a cool
breeze while the unit warms up.

5. The low RPM motor lessens the chance of vibration and the fan runs quieter than a high RPM model

6. Nu-Era Heaters does not have an open flame. With an open flame you have a very high risk of fire
in dusty areas. With flame heaters you also introduce a lot of humidity and there could be a chance
of escaping carbon monoxide. Both are very detrimental to the well-being of humans and animals.

7. When used with a commercial modulating condensing boiler for a hot water heat source you would
have one of the most efficient heating systems available.
8. If your facility creates a lot of process heat you could utilize that as a heat source.