Nu-Era Heaters LLC.
The ultimate new era heating-cooling solution for the confined livestock and industrial heating
high            36.75 inch
wide            32.5 inch
wide            35.5 inch at fittings
depth          28 / shroud
fan              24 inch
BTU rating   170,00
GPM          17
CFM           3700 @ 0.13 static
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high            31 inch
wide            26.25 inch
wide            28.5 inch at fittings
depth          27.75 / shroud
fan              18 inch
BTU rating   100,000
GPM          11
CFM           1940 @ 0.085 static
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high            22.75 inch
wide           18.5 inch
wide            22 inch at fittings
depth          27 / shroud
fan              14 inch
BTU rating   60,000
GPM           7
CFM           1450 @ 0.06 static
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Data from a 1200   head Isowean
105F (40.5C) outside temp
82F (27.5C) inside cool cell area
Expelling condensate (humidity) like they were being sprayed with water
You can get by with 30% less fan power

-15F (-26C) outside temp
30F (-1C) inside cool cell area
G Barn 52% ventilation       (running no additional heat)
Farrow and nursery 48% ventilation (running heat lamps and pads)
Very dry air, no condensation